Putting the spotlight on men’s health

by Harry Karabalis on October 28, 2020

Many men feel uncomfortable discussing their health, being less likely to visit a doctor over minor health concerns, and too embarrassed to discuss intimate health issues. Importantly, male health demands different things at different times in a man’s life, from helping stress management, through to reproductive and sexual health, to prostate health as they age. Encouraging men to talk about all aspects of their health is important, so this month, we’re putting the spotlight on men’s health and the many nutrients that can be used to support it. 

Men’s Multi +

Herbs of Gold Men’s Multi + is a high-strength, comprehensive multi vitamin containing a combination of 29 vitamins, minerals and herbs to support men’s everyday health. Men’s Multi + contains therapeutic doses of all the B group vitamins, high-dose vegan-friendly vitamin D3 for muscle health and zinc for sperm health. Men’s Multi is supported by herbs, including Siberian ginseng which supports a healthy stress response in the body.

Bulgarian Tribulus

Herbs of Gold Bulgarian Tribulus Complex is a high-strength Tribulus formula providing over 13g of Tribulus per tablet. Tribulus has a long history of traditional use in Ayurvedic medicine as both a male tonic and an aphrodisiac to promote healthy libido. Tribulus supports healthy sexual function and libido in males. This synergistic blend of both Bulgarian and Indian Tribulus is also useful for reproductive health, by supporting sperm motility and sperm production.

Prostate Pro

Prostate health is a consideration for many males as they age. Herbs of Gold Prostate Pro contains a combination of proprietary Cranberry fruit powder (Flowens™) and beta-sitosterols (Phytopin®) to support prostate health and to help maintain healthy prostate function in males. Flowens and Phytopin® maintain urinary tract health and relieve urinary frequency in males.